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More-For-Small-Business Blog

In business, there will always be more you need to know, need to do, or need to have. This blog will keep you up-to-date on new information that will be useful to small business owners and managers. By subscribing to the RSS feed (click on the orange XML RSS button at the bottom of the Navigation bar to subscribe) you will automatically receive all site updates.

May 23, 2018

Strategy, Vision Statements and the Strategic Management Process

Vision statements are the starting point of your small business strategy. Use sample vision statements to write strategic plan, then manage to the plan through a focused strategic management process.

Continue reading "Strategy, Vision Statements and the Strategic Management Process"

May 23, 2018

Value Based Sales Needs Value Based Leadership

How can value based sales help your business grow? Use value based leadership to create a unique value proposition. Then use sales training ideas and sales training games to model how to sell value.

Continue reading "Value Based Sales Needs Value Based Leadership"

May 23, 2018

Successful Network and Social Network Theory

What makes a successful network for business owners and managers? Learn social network theory, who is a stakeholder in your business, and which is the best social media platform for your business.

Continue reading "Successful Network and Social Network Theory"

May 23, 2018

How to Build a Website and Benefit from the Advantages of Online Marketing

How to build a website for your small business? Why build own website? Because your business can grow from the advantages of online marketing and the market reach of a website.

Continue reading "How to Build a Website and Benefit from the Advantages of Online Marketing"

May 23, 2018

On-line Marketing Services and Niche Internet Marketing

Use on-line marketing services to sell goods and services online. Learn how to build website and promote awareness of your business. Focus on niche internet marketing to build a strong business brand.

Continue reading "On-line Marketing Services and Niche Internet Marketing"

Jan 02, 2017

Tips for Starting a Business, Including Business Plan Layout and Review

Use these tips for starting a business or for managing an existing small business. Includes information on business plan evaluation or business case evaluation.

Continue reading "Tips for Starting a Business, Including Business Plan Layout and Review"

Oct 25, 2016

Privacy Policy: More for Small Business

Your privacy is a serious matter. This privacy policy describes how we handle your privacy and personal information.

Continue reading "Privacy Policy: More for Small Business"

Sep 17, 2015

Business Networking Techniques that Work

Business networking techniques help you build stronger connections and relationships. Understanding what is business networking and how it differs from social networking is important to your business.

Continue reading "Business Networking Techniques that Work"

Apr 26, 2015

Employee Training Development: Develop an Employee Training Plan

Employee training development programs can improve staff effectiveness. Link the employee training plan to performance (e.g. employee warning form); including cross training employees in your plan.

Continue reading "Employee Training Development: Develop an Employee Training Plan"

Apr 26, 2015

Employee Retention Tips: Including Employee Recognition Ideas

Use these employee retention tips (such as employee mentor programs and employee recognition ideas) to keep your most important resource, people, performing effectively and committed to your business.

Continue reading "Employee Retention Tips: Including Employee Recognition Ideas"

Apr 21, 2015

Market Research Process: What is Qualitative Research?

In business, completing a focused and successful market research process is a challenge. Know what is qualitative research and the differences between qualitative and quantitative research design.

Continue reading "Market Research Process: What is Qualitative Research?"

Apr 14, 2015

Employee Handbook: How to Write a Handbook?

An employee handbook is important for your business; it helps you define your business and employee policies and procedures. How to write a handbook effectively? Use an employee handbook template.

Continue reading "Employee Handbook: How to Write a Handbook?"

Apr 14, 2015

Employee Development Plan: A Strategic Workforce Planning Element

Build a comprehensive employee development plan for each of your employees. Link the training plan with strategic workforce planning goals and use employee performance software to measure results.

Continue reading "Employee Development Plan: A Strategic Workforce Planning Element"

Apr 14, 2015

Employee Compensation and Basic Employee Benefits

Develop an attractive employee compensation plan to hire and retain the best employees. Understand salaries by profession, basic employee benefits and the relationship of job descriptions to salaries.

Continue reading "Employee Compensation and Basic Employee Benefits"

Apr 14, 2015

New Employee Orientation: Checklist

Use this new employee orientation checklist. We invest a lot to hire talented people for our business, and need to put as much effort into training, evaluating and providing new employee orientations.

Continue reading "New Employee Orientation: Checklist"

Apr 14, 2015

Define Orientation: Sample New Employee Orientation

Build your new employee orientation presentation package. Define orientation, and what you want for your employees. Use a sample new employee orientation program to effectively welcome new employees.

Continue reading "Define Orientation: Sample New Employee Orientation"

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